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Why Laplok A Laptop is Stolen Every 53 Seconds

Laptop theft is a serious problem that affects millions of people around the world every year. According to Norton, 1 in 10 laptop theft victims experience identity theft and over 97% of stolen laptops are never recovered.


Check out this real security video showing grab & go thieves in action

This is why we created LapLok
LapLok is bringing security, protection, and safety up to speed

With the work-from-anywhere movement that has skyrocketed over the past few years, LapLok gives you the confidence to secure your laptop conveniently anytime, anywhere. It's the ultimate pocket-sized anti-theft device.

This is why we created LapLok
LapLok means you can work confidently and calmly

Give yourself peace of mind knowing your device and data aren’t going anywhere - even if you step away for a few minutes.

Why is LapLok so critical?
Research has shown that 1,600 laptops are stolen daily. Don't let your laptop become a statistic.
Data Loss
If your device is stolen and you haven't backed up your valuable data, you risk losing all of your work you invested time in. 
Laptop theft results in almost $4 billion in annual losses and can take up to 9 days to replace a corporate laptop, resulting in lost productivity.
Exposed Locations
Laptop theft is most prevalent in unexpected public locations like coffee shops and restaurants. Secure your valuables wherever you go.

Crafted From A Rich Legacy Of Innovation

Addressing real world challenges Why TechLok Was Built

Paul and Ryan Angott have a rich history in innovation in the security industry going back to Paul's earliest patents in the 80's. Ryan has spent nearly a decade in the cyber security industry and being a busy business professional, he identified the cost, risk and inconvenience while working wherever.

UNIVERSAL LOCKING SYSTEM Next-Generation Locking Solutions

Escape the limitations of ineffective and impractical laptop security methods with LapLok, the next-gen locking solution. Secure your laptop, bags and other valuables wherever you work, making it a must-have for professionals on the go.

Intelligent and feature-packed, LapLok boasts multi-use capabilities, an adjustable arm, 80dB alarm, accelerometer, PIN code recovery software, and more, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Advanced Password Technology Software-Enabled Password Management

LapLok empowers you with full control over your passwords through its advanced built-in algorithm. Experience the convenience and security of a personalized PIN code and an advanced password recovery system.

Effortlessly record and reset passwords when needed, whether due to employee changes or forgotten codes. With LapLok, end-users and IT managers alike can enjoy a quick and user-friendly process.


Easy on, Easy off

How LapLok Works
Step 1

Install semi-permanent mounting arm

Step 2

Swing out the mounting arm

Step 3

Adjust the lower arm to the height of the table

Step 4

Put the mounting arm into the mouth of the LapLok

Step 5

Raise the lower arm to the bottom of the table

Step 6

Pull the top down & secure

Secure Your Laptop Laptop Theft Statistics Overview And Trends in 2023

To protect against these losses, it is important to take physical security precautions such as locking your devices with LapLok.

Laptops stolen occur in public places or during travel
1 in 10
Laptop theft victims experience identity theft

Enhanced Security For Your Valuables.