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Absolutely. LapLok is indeed a reliable anti-theft solution. With our extensive expertise in anti-theft and security spanning over 20 years, we ensure that our products are designed to withstand grab-and-go theft. However, it is important to acknowledge that given enough time, skill, and resources, any security product can be bypassed. Therefore, we always advise exercising common sense, especially in high-risk situations.

We created these security products to solve the dilemma of balancing security and convenience while working remotely or from shared spaces. We wanted to provide solutions that allowed professionals to keep their devices, bags, and belongings secure without the hassle of constantly shutting down and packing up, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted workflow.

After extensive testing on various table types, we can confidently state that LapLok's strong gripping mechanism does not cause significant damage to tables. This is ensured by the incorporation of a custom-designed rubber padding on the clamp's foot, which provides a firm yet gentle grip on the table surface.

Using LapLok with a laptop case is not advisable. Our internal testing has shown that if a grab-and-go thief attempts to snatch your laptop while it is attached to the case, the case is likely to snap off and break.

Absolutely! LapLok is fully compatible with tablets as well, just ensure you have adhered the Arm Mount to the device. The tablet + LapLok combination is particularly useful in trade show environments or stations where you want individuals to interact with and provide information using a tablet device.

Certainly! We offer bulk discounts for businesses and schools. If you order 100 or more LapLoks, you can qualify for bulk pricing. For more information, please visit our Buy In Bulk page.

The dimensions of LapLok can be found on the product page. LapLok is slightly larger than a standard smartphone and weighs less than 1lb. Our design prioritizes strength while ensuring a compact and convenient size.

Rest assured, LapLok does not void your computer warranty. We have confirmed this with multiple manufacturers. As LapLok is attached to the laptop's exterior with the Arm Mount, similar to a sticker but stronger, it does not interfere with its functionality. However, it's important to note that you should avoid placing the Arm Mount or adhesive over the laptop vents to prevent overheating.

Under typical usage of 2-3 times per week, LapLok has an estimated battery life of 3 years. It comes equipped with standard button-cell lithium batteries.

TechLok is based in Royal Oak, MI, located just outside of Detroit. Our founders have ensured that all design, engineering, legal, and fulfillment services are kept in Michigan. Although we initially explored manufacturing options in the US, we have partnered with a contract manufacturer in India.

We provide a range of products, including our flagship anti-theft device LapLok and a multitude of curated work-from-anywhere accessories. The prices for each product can be found on our website's Shop All page.

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Our return policy allows for a hassle-free 30-day period to return your purchase if you're unsatisfied. Should your item be defective or damaged, we will provide a replacement within 30 days of filling out the return form. Additionally, we provide a 1-year limited warranty to address any product-related concerns. It's important to note that the returned LapLok will be carefully examined to identify the root cause of the issue, ensuring the prevention of similar problems in the future. However, please be aware that damages resulting from user negligence, such as water damage or accidental drops from tall heights, are not covered under warranty.

Shipping within the continental US is free of charge for our products. For international shipping, additional costs may apply, and they will be calculated on an individual basis. Currently, we ship within North America, but we have plans to expand our shipping destinations in the future.

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We recommend visiting the LapLok product page for FAQs and other helpful information. If you can't find the answers you need, feel free to email us at or visit our YouTube channel for more instructions.

We highly recommend registering your unique PIN code as soon as you receive your LapLok on our Recording and Resetting page. We can then send you the PIN code if you forget it in the future.

For instructions on how to change your pin code and other LapLok-related instructions, you can visit the LapLok page. There, you will find helpful instructions under Technical Inquiries to guide you through the process of changing your pin code. How do I change my unique PIN Code after requesting a new code on

  1. First, ensure your LapLok is unarmed, as the Lock/Unlock Code can only be changed when unarmed.
  2. Press and hold the Lock Button. When you see the Green LED blink twice, this indicates that the Lock/Unlock Code can be changed.
  3. Within 10 seconds, enter your new Lock/Unlock Code, then press the Lock Button.
  4. Green LED will blink 3 times for successful Lock/Unlock Code change. If the change is unsuccessful, the Red LED will blink 3 times.

NOTE: Register your new Lock/Unlock Code at

  1. Press the Lock Button then press and hold the (1) Button for 3 seconds. When you see the Green LED blink twice, this indicates that you can now adjust the alarm volume.
  2. Within 10 seconds, press the (1/2) Button for high, the (3/4) Button for medium, the (5/6) Button for low, or the (7/8) Button for no sound.
  3. Green LED will blink twice when successfully changed.

For additional LapLok-related questions and instructions, you can visit this link and scroll to Technical Inquiries on the LapLok product page.

Yes, you can continue to use your existing cable lock by attaching it to your laptop port and if you desire to, it can be secured to your LapLok in combination for added security. This is an innovative way to put “smart” technology with an older solution to protect laptops.

In addition to our website, you can conveniently purchase our products on Amazon and We are also are actively working to expand our availability to physical stores near you, so keep an eye out for updates!

We understand your concern, but unfortunately, we cannot offer a money-back guarantee or extended warranty specifically for the theft of your device with LapLok. It's important to note that no anti-theft solution can provide an absolute guarantee against theft, as determined individuals may find ways to bypass security measures given enough time, tools, and expertise.

At TechLok, we prioritize practicality and common-sense principles in our product design and usage. We recommend applying these principles when utilizing our products to enhance your device's security.