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Our Story

A modern world needs modern solutions. TechLok is the new way to secure your valuables to prevent grab-and-go theft and accessories to make your work from anywhere life more productive. We are creating a world where theft is harder and safety is easier.

The Father-Son Duo TechLok is the brainchild of Paul & Ryan Angott

TechLok wasn't just built; it was crafted from a rich legacy of innovation in the security industry that spans decades. Paul and Ryan Angott, with Paul's earliest patents dating back to the 80s, have a deep-rooted history of pushing the boundaries of what security means.


The dad, Paul, has an honorary PhD and was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in Michigan in 2011. He holds 44 patents and has successfully sold over $100 million worth of his patented products in his career, including several security products.

The son, Ryan, hails from the cybersecurity industry and lends his experience to sales and marketing. He has sold over $33 million worth of complex security software during his 8-year-long career in that industry.

44 Patents 
and Counting...

Paul never stops innovating. And his son caught the same bug. In 2018, the vision came to life and TechLok was born. From an idea to making LapLok a reality, TechLok has grown to be much more than a computer security accessory company; it has become an ecosystem of work-from-anywhere accessories.

Our Core Values
We firmly believe that gratitude is the best attitude. It allows us to focus on what we have, appreciate it regularly, and stay centered on our mission. We’re extremely grateful for every customer who uses our products, as we know you’re the driver of our success.
We measure our success by satisfying our customers, which is why we’re committed to providing top-of-the-line products that protect our clients and their belongings. We’re dedicated to always looking for ways to improve.
Customer Excellence
The new mobile workforce needs modern and advanced tools to succeed in this new age. Techlok Solutions is committed to helping our customers achieve excellence by providing the security solutions they need in the work-from-anywhere movement.
We’re a forward-thinking company that places innovation and creativity at the forefront of our products and developments. We’re always using our imagination to devise out-of-the-box solutions.
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an elegant, advanced, and effective security solution that can give on-the-go professionals peace of mind by protecting their property.

Our Vision

The work-from-anywhere trend is a global phenomenon transforming how people in all countries and industries do business and we are here to provide solutions to make your work more productive anywhere you are.

Our People
Meet The Team
Our team is dedicated to designing beautiful and innovative tech accessories that empower the modern lifestyle. We understand the importance of flexibility and being on the go, and our products reflect that. With expertise in technology, design, and marketing, we strive to enhance the way people use our technology in their daily lives.
Paul is a passionate inventor and entrepreneur, specializing in developing and marketing practical and innovative products.

He advocates for cutting-edge technology and disruptive tools to drive innovation and actively seeks collaboration opportunities to create something new.
Paul Angott
VP of Engineering, Co-founder
Ryan is a visionary entrepreneur who co-invented LapLok to address the risks of data theft that he learned in the cybersecurity industry as LapLok offers a straightforward solution to a global problem tied to laptop theft.

He believes in seizing opportunities everywhere and sees the start-up experience as a valuable education.
Ryan Angott
President, Co-founder
Dennis plays a key role in TechLok’s team, responsible for strategic planning and financial decision-making.

He focuses on driving financial performance & efficiency, supporting company growth, and overseeing the development of policies and procedures, aiming to optimize resource allocation and TechLok’s financial stability.
Dennis Durco
VP of Finance
Ben is an experienced professional who served as a COO, overseeing 600+ product development projects. He has worked in large organizations and startups, specializing in safety-critical products and contributing to the development of the first electric pickup truck.

His favorite part of his job is collaborating with a diverse global team.
Benjamin Hopwood
VP of Operations
Tushar has previously worked as a Project Manager for security products but was ready to experience more innovation. "After visiting the TechLok's website, I was inspired to become a part of this technological and innovative journey, which is indeed my long term goal in life!"
Tushar Pande
Project Manager
Anne is the Social Media Marketing Manager for TechLok Solutions. With a background in healthcare privacy and security, she joined TechLok due to the importance and potential of their product.

She holds a Master's in Healthcare Informatics and sees LapLok as a modern and unique solution for physical information safeguarding.
Anne-Marie Blaney
Digital Media Manager
Kristina is a virtual Executive Assistant specializing in project management and meeting coordination. Working remotely allows her to travel, visit friends, and attend events while fulfilling work duties.

If she had a LapLok, she would utilize it intentionally to ensure the security of her laptop as this holds valuable work materials, and losing it would mean losing years of work and a system that simplifies her life.
Kristina Regencia
Executive Assistant
Mylene is the Sales Account Manager for TechLok, responsible for handling sales and marketing research.

Working remotely has brought convenience to her life, allowing her the freedom to dress comfortably and spend time with her family. She enjoys the flexibility of being able to work from home or travel as long as there is Wi-Fi access.
Mylene Ledesma
Account Manager
As the Customer Success Director of TechLok, Mariya envisions LapLok being a global leader in laptop security, providing convenience and peace of mind.

She believes that staying updated with technology, effective communication, and excellent customer service are key to success in the industry.
Mariya Briones
Director of Customer Success