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TechLok For Travelers
More Than 12,000
Laptops Go Missing At
Airports Each Week
Make sure thieves don't succeed by taking a proactive approach and securing your devices with LapLok. Create a peace of mind in unfamiliar locations or during international travel with LapLok.
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Security Technology
With LapLok

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Convenient And
Productive Work

56% of laptop thieves are after other people’s identities and sensitive information.
Travel with confidence knowing your bags and devices 
are secure.
Embark on your travels with technology that supports your dynamic work life.
On-the-go security and productive tech tailored for digital nomads, business travelers, or vacationers
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Save Your Receipt! Most Companies Allow You to Expense Your TechLok Office Products
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee Most businesses allow for small expenses that fit our category for employee productivity & laptop protection.  In fact, if you purchase any of our products and are not 100% satisfied, or if you are denied reimbursement, we will give you a 100% money back guarantee!
Laptops are stolen

at airports weekly in the world.
1 in 10
Identity Theft Victims

Come from stolen laptops.
 Laptop thieves are after

other people’s identities and
sensitive information
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Technology That Supports Your Dynamic Work Life.
TechLok For Travelers
Create A Workspace That Empowers You To Work Efficiently, No Matter Where You Are.
"I used to use a cable lock in college, but it's not practical when I go to coffee shops. I like LapLok's high-tech features and compact size"
Nick D.
"After our office decided to make our remote work policy permanent, I'll use LapLok even more!"
Jamie B.
"I have a shared space at work that I haven't been to since COVID-19 began. I like the idea of having a mechanism to secure my laptop when I'm out and about. And, If I go back to the shared office space."
Stacey H.
"As a Realtor, this product is great for me as I spend a lot of time in an open office setting, coffee shops and lots of public places."
Lisa L.
"LapLok has been a great addition to my business travel. Easy to bring along, use, and a great peace of mind."
Adam M.
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