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TechLok For Business & Government
TechLok Provides A High Level
Of Security to Maintain Your
Corporate Compliance
Gone are the days of the 9-to-5 work day in a secure office cubicle. Many businesses & government agencies mandate some level of physical security policy with devices that contain sensitive information. In the new work-from-anywhere movement, our products are ideally suited to maintain business compliance while enabling employees to work securely & freely in any location they choose.
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What our clients say
The hybrid and mobile workforce requires a simple, flexible and secure control of your workforce assets, and TechLok is the answer.
Stuart McClure
CEO of Qwiet AI | Author of Hacking Exposed
Former CEO & Founder of Cylance
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 robust security mechanism
LapLok Offers A Physical Barrier Against Unauthorized Access.
Protect your company's and employee's devices and maximize workforce productivity. Click 'Buy in Bulk' to inquire about TechLok products and customization for your organization.
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Enhancing Physical
Security That Works
For Your Lifestyle

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Technology To

Keep You Going

We Believe In The Power Of
Technology And Efficiency To
Transform Your Workspace
Into A Hub Of Productivity.
Provides an additional layer of security by physically securing 
the laptop.
Makes it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access sensitive information.
Protects classified information and mitigates risks associated 
with theft or unauthorized access.
Annual loss

of stolen corporate laptops
The average cost

of a stolen corporate laptop
Of data breaches occur when

laptops fall into the wrong hands
Save Your Receipt! Most Companies Allow You to Expense Your TechLok Office Products
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
Most businesses allow for small expenses that fit our category for employee productivity & laptop protection.  In fact, if you purchase any of our products and are not 100% satisfied, or if you are denied reimbursement, we will give you a 100% money back guarantee!
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"I used to use a cable lock in college, but it's not practical when I go to coffee shops. I like LapLok's high-tech features and compact size"
Nick D.
"After our office decided to make our remote work policy permanent, I'll use LapLok even more!"
Jamie B.
"I have a shared space at work that I haven't been to since COVID-19 began. I like the idea of having a mechanism to secure my laptop when I'm out and about. And, If I go back to the shared office space."
Stacy H.
"As a Realtor, this product is great for me as I spend a lot of time in an open office setting, coffee shops and lots of public places."
Lisa L.
"LapLok has been a great addition to my business travel. Easy to bring along, use, and a great peace of mind."
Adam M.
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