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Laplok Products

Baglock attached to table and holding purse


LapLok is built out of hardened steel, aircraft-grade aluminum and ultra-strong glass-filled nylon plastic and is heavy-duty enough to stand the test of would-be thieves. When not in use, LapLok's size and weight is about the same as a full-sized smartphone for compact portability.

LapLok easily attaches to the bottom of any laptop or tablet with our one-time installation of our semi-permanent adhesive metal strap. We are the only anti-theft solution that can retro fit to any device including tablets. We also feature alternative ways to connect LapLok to your laptop with our SelfLok and PortLok options.

LapLok Pro™

LapLok Pro™ is the smartest, most secure LapLok in our portfolio. LapLok Pro™ features the same security functionality as our pilot product, LapLok, but also includes Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 50 feet.

 LapLok Pro™ includes a custom security application paired with your smartphone with convenient features such as changing your security pin, adjusting alarm volume, silence mode enablement, and custom notification settings.

You will not find a more intelligent & convenient laptop & tablet anti-theft solution anywhere. With LapLok Pro™, you can have added peace of mind for the work from anywhere in the world.

LapLok G

LapLok G is the most elegant designed product in our LapLok family. We took clean & modern design guidance similar to popular computer accessories & electronic brands by incorporating a more aesthetically appealing design for the person who wants a complimentary look to their other high-end accessories.

LapLok G features all of the same convenience & functionality as our flagship product, LapLok™ .

 *LapLok G currently does not have Blue tooth connectivity options but will be available in the future.

Laplok Accessories


Secure your bags, purses, and briefcases with our most popular accessory, BagLok. Our tough-as-nails anti-theft loop that pairs perfectly with your LapLok.

The steel braided cord is uncuttable for any cut & go thieves. Super simple & easy to use, simply loop BagLok around your bag and attached the ends of BagLok to your LapLok bag peg.

With BagLok you can gain even more functionality from LapLok and have added convenience so you don’t have to lug around your bag when working on the go.

Baglock attached to table and holding purse


PortLok is an innovative alternative to connect your laptop to your LapLok by using the lock slot on the side of your computer instead of using the bottom mount arm strap. PortLok is made out of high strength steel that is uncuttable with typical household tools. Our unique design easily snaps into your locking port. The swivel steel arm then can be glided into the mouth of the LapLok for rock solid security. PortLok is a great option for those whom may prefer not to attach something semi-permanent to the bottom of their device.


SelfLok is our innovative approach to connect your LapLok to your laptop without the need for our semi-permanent mounting strap.

This is also another alternative to our PortLok approach for users whom do not have a port lock slot and also do not want to attach a bottom strap to their device.

Swivel arm strap mount on your LapLok helps to keep your cell phone safe with LapLok technology.

Swivel Arm Strap Mount

One of LapLok’s clever design features is that we have a retro fitting solution to any laptop or tablet with the use of the Arm Strap Mount that is semi-permanently attached to the bottom of your device. We have alternative connecting solutions such as PortLok and SelfLok.

For users that have multiple laptops or tablets, we offer an additional arm strap mount so you can use your LapLok on multiple devices. 

Smart Phone Holster

Our smart phone laptop holster is our favorite productivity tool for the work from anywhere world. This simple tool easily attached is the top of your laptop or tablet. A sturdy magnet placed on the back of your phone then connects to the holster. This allows users to keep their eyes in one direction while working so they don’t have to constantly look down & grab their device

Smart phone holster set up with cellphone and attached to the table.