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Our Clients
Techlok for Business and Government
40% of data breaches occur when laptops are stolen from office spaces
Companies often lack the necessary secure storage, tracking software, and encryption to safeguard both devices and the data they contain. A single stolen laptop typically costs an average of $49,246, contributing to an annual loss of approximately $4 billion in stolen corporate laptops.
Techlok for Travelers
12,000 laptops are stolen at airports weekly in the world
56% of laptop thieves are after other people’s identities and sensitive information. We can make sure they don’t succeed by taking proactive security measures such as using LapLok when you are traveling.
Techlok for College Students
60% of college students have had a laptop stolen or know someone that has
The good news is that the majority of these incidents can be avoided by taking certain steps to protect your device from prying eyes in public spaces, such as using a laptop lock daily.
Techlok for Adventurers
Laptop theft is a serious issue
impacting digital nomads
74% of laptop thefts occur in public places or during travel. Real-world laptop protection is particularly important for nomads who spend a large amount of their time in public spaces like cafes. Thankfully, anti-theft devices can change this for the better.