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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LapLok actually a secure anti-theft solution?
The short answer is yes. With our 20+ years of anti-theft & security experience, we would not release a product that would not hold up to the grab & go thief. It’s important to note that EVERY security product can be bypassed with enough time, talent, and tools. We always recommend using common sense when in high risk scenarios, as taking your device with you is always the most secure solution (but not always convenient). We recommend not purchasing LapLok if you do not apply this thinking.

Why did TeckLok create these security products?
Like most inventors, we found ourselves in a position where we wanted to work remotely from shared working spaces, coffee shops, etc. but found ourselves at a crossroad between security & convenience. It was always very secure to take our devices with us when we had to take a call, use the restroom, or jump into a meeting. However, it was extremely inconvenient to shut down and pack up everything, which often resulted in losing our spot. This is how TechLok products were born.

LapLok is a super strong gripping mechanism. Does it damage tables?
We have tested LapLok on dozens of different table types. In normal use, LapLok does not cause any severe table damage as we use a custom, soft but sturdy rubber padding on the foot of the clamp that grips the table.

Does LapLok work with a laptop case?
We would not recommend using LapLok with your laptop case. Based on our internal testing, if a grab & go thief were to grab your laptop off the table and it was attached to your case, the case would quickly snap off & break.

Does LapLok work with tablets?
Yes, it does. This is a great product to use in a trade show environment or station, where you want people to fill out information on a tablet but don’t want to constantly monitor these tablets to prevent device theft.

Do you offer business or school volume discounts?
Yes, we do. When you order over 100 LapLoks, you can quality for a bulk discount. Contact for more information.

I would like to be a reseller or distributor for TechLok Solutions, LLC products. How do I become a certified partner?
We would be happy to have these discussions as we are expanding our distribution network. Contact for more information

What’s the size & weight of LapLok?
LapLok dimensions can be found at the bottom of this product page (link). LapLok is slightly bigger than a full sized smart phone and weighs just under 1 lb. Part of our innovative design was to make something strong but also small & convenient. Compact size combined with strength and portability were paramount design criteria.

What is the battery life of LapLok?
With normal usage of 2-3 times per week we estimate a 3-year battery life. LapLok includes standard button sized (is there an actual size AA)?** lithium batteries.Where is TechLok located and where are products manufactured?We are located just outside of Detroit in Royal Oak, MI. The founders have been able to keep all design, engineering, legal, and fulfillment services located in Michigan. After an exhaustive US search & attempt to build in the US, we partnered with a contract manufacturer in India.

What is your return & warranty policy?
We offer 30 day return policy, no questions asked. If you are unhappy with your product, simply fill out the return form which can be found at this link (here). We offer a 1-year limited warranty for any product malfunction. It’s important to note, like all consumer electronic products (i.e. smart phones), we are not responsible if the user is negligent during usage (water damage, drops from high distance, etc.)

What is your shipping policy & do you ship outside of the US?
We do not charge for shipping costs on our products within the continental US. Outside countries are subject to additional shipping costs, which are calculated on an individual basis. We currently ship within North America and plan on further expansion.

What are the prices for your products?
We offer several different versions of LapLok and have multiple accessories. Each product has a listed product price.

What customer support options do you have in case I have questions or issues with my LapLok?
You can email questions to and also see our “how to use” LapLok page here.

What if I forgot my unique pin code?
We require all users to register their pin on our website on this page (link). We can then automatically resend your pin code. However, we suggest you store your Pin on your smart phone with your other important passwords. If you do not register, we have no other way to remind you of this code. You can also contact the company for advice and assistance in removing the device manually.

How do I change my pin code?
Instructions & video to change your pin code can be found here.

How do I adjust the volume on my alarm?
Instructions & video to change volume can be found here.

Does LapLok work with my existing cable lock?
Yes, we can leverage your existing cable lock by attaching it to your laptop port to LapLok. This is an innovative way to put “smart” technology to an old solution to protect laptops. Remember, only about 50% of laptops currently sold on the market have a locking slot so there is no alternative option than LapLok if you want device security but do not have a locking slot port.

When will your products be available and where can I buy them?
For pre-launch orders, you can buy now at our crowdfunding link here (link). We plan to have our inventory arrive from our factory September 2022 for wide scale e-commerce purchasing through traditional online retailers such as

What if my laptop gets stolen using LapLok?
After many hours of research and legal discussions, we do not have any extended warranty that can provide a money back guarantee on the theft of your device. In fact, no other laptop anti-theft solution does, as everything can be bypassed with enough time, tools, and talent. LapLok was built on the principles of practicality and common sense which should be applied when using our products. For example, we would never recommend leaving your laptop unattended in a public area like a park picnic table overnight. It’s also important to note that you must use LapLok correctly to realize it’s anti-theft capabilities.

Does LapLok void my computer warranty?
No, we have inquired with several manufacturers. Because we are on the exterior of the laptop (like a sticker), we do not affect it’s operation. However, you must not install the arm strap over any laptop vents in order to prevent overheating.