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Easy-to-use Anti-theft Device

Why Laplok?

With laptop theft occurring every 53 seconds and approximately 1 in 10 identity theft cases linked to stolen laptops, LapLok is the portable, effective, and user-friendly solution for ensuring your laptop's safety wherever you work.

LapLok's patented anti-theft design deters grab-and-go thieves, ensuring peace of mind wherever you work.
Direct attention to the potential thief with LapLok's 80-decibel alarm, adjustable to suit your needs.
LapLok is the only physical security product that works on all laptops and tablets, no matter the make or model.
Travel with confidence using LapLok's lightweight and compact design, keeping your laptop safe wherever you go.
Locking Solutions

Escape the limitations of ineffective and impractical laptop security methods with LapLok, the next-gen locking solution. Secure your laptop wherever you work, making it a must-have for professionals on the go. Intelligent and feature-packed, LapLok boasts an adjustable arm, alarm, accelerometer, code recovery software, and more, ensuring comprehensive device protection.

Use Cases
Advanced Password Technology
Password Management

LapLok empowers you with full control over your passwords through its advanced built-in algorithm. Experience the convenience and security of cloud password technology, eliminating the hassle of physical keys. Effortlessly record and reset passwords when needed, whether due to employee changes or forgotten codes. With LapLok, IT managers and end-users alike can enjoy a quick and user-friendly process.

Why Laplok

Next Generation Laptop Security

Enhance Your Work Setup


LapLok’s patented anti-theft design deters grab-and-go thieves.


Convenient and secure anti-theft device for your bag.

SideEye Phone Mount

Our LapLok Phone Mount easily attaches to the side of any laptop.

Arm Mount

Additional LapLok arm mount that connects to your device.

Remote Productivity Bundle

Work smarter, stay secure, and embrace a new level of efficiency at the office, café, or on the go.
25% savings.

Easy on, Easy off

How LapLok Works
Step 1

Install semi-permanent mounting arm

Step 2

Swing out the mounting arm

Step 3

Adjust the lower arm to the height of the table

Step 4

Put the mounting arm into the mouth of the LapLok

Step 5

Raise the lower arm to the bottom of the table

Step 6

Pull the top down & secure