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Tech that Embraces
Convenience & Productivity
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For A Work From Anywhere World.
We believe work is what you do, not your entire life. We aim to change the way you work with this curated collection of work-from-anywhere accessories, empowering your modern-day work environment.
Our Clients
TechLok caters to a wide array of audiences, from students to coffee shop enthusiasts to executives. Our one-of-a-kind solutions enable the modern-day individual to have the freedom and flexibility for more convenience and peace of mind in their day-to-day routine
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Technology and Solutions for All.
A modern world needs modern solutions. TechLok is the new way to secure your valuables, preventing grab-and-go theft, and providing accessories to make your work-from-anywhere life more productive.
Why Laplok
1600 Laptops are Stolen Everyday in the US.
Our flagship laptop anti-theft device is built with the most robust materials while still maintaining a lightweight and portable design that makes it convenient for on-the-go professionals.
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"I used to use a cable lock in college, but it's not practical when I go to coffee shops. I like LapLok's high-tech features and compact size"
Nick D.
"After our office decided to make our remote work policy permanent, I'll use LapLok even more!"
Jamie B.
"I have a shared space at work that I haven't been to since COVID-19 began. I like the idea of having a mechanism to secure my laptop when I'm out and about. And, If I go back to the shared office space."
Stacey H.
"As a Realtor, this product is great for me as I spend a lot of time in an open office setting, coffee shops and lots of public places."
Lisa L.
"LapLok has been a great addition to my business travel. Easy to bring along, use, and a great peace of mind."
Adam M.
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